Mahbubul H Siddiqee

Mr. Mahbubul H. Siddiqee is specialized in the area of environmental health. He conducted his PhD research (currently awaiting thesis-submission after completing defense) in Environmental and Public Health Microbiology (EPHM) Laboratory, Dept. of Civil Engineering, MONASH University, Australia. The key research interest of Mr. Siddiqee include (but not limited to)- 1. monitoring, prediction, and communication of health risks from microbial pathogens in surface- and drinking water systems; 2. spread of antibiotic resistance in nature via horizontal gene transfer mechanisms (plasmids, transposons, integrons, and gene cassettes); and 3. control of human-pathogens (including multidrug-resistant pathogens) using bacteriophages as bio-control agents.

As a Senior Lecturer of Microbiology in BRAC University, Bangladesh, Mr. Siddiqee is currently leading four research projects as principal investigator (PI) in the Molecular and Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (MEM-Lab). While communicable risk factors comprise the major research focus of Mr. Siddiqee, his research endeavors address regional health problems, including the non-communicable diseases, as a whole. This pursuit made Mr. Siddiqee one of the core researchers of BRF. Indeed, he played important role during the inceptions of the organization.

As a Research Fellow in BRF, Mr. Siddiqee is actively engaged in multiple community-based projects in BRF. Studying emerging health-risks associated with determinants like environmental pollution, change of climate, unplanned urbanization, change in lifestyle (due to economic transition) are some of the notable areas of his focus. Along with these, Mr. Siddiqee has pivotal role in the community level cross-sectional study conducted on over 1500 college students in Jamalpur, Bangladesh, which has enabled a comprehensive understanding of the promises and challenges of preventing thalassemia in resource-limited countries. Building upon this, Mr. Siddiqee conceptualized and is testing (as the PI) a community-based model (a year-long case-control study) engaging college-teachers as underutilized resource to raise mass-awareness on thalassemia. However, farsightedness, visionary ideas, and excellent communication skills of Mr. Siddiqee has extend his in BRF-engagements beyond the realms research to administration. Indeed, he is the incumbent Head of Operations (since January 2019) of BRF. Before this, Mr. Siddiqee served BRF as the Head of Administration from January to December 2018.

Mr. Siddiqee promotes a slogan that “research is a great community service”. His ultimate mission is to set himself as an example of how a researcher (particularly in the field of public health) in resource-limited setting could still create meaningful impacts in society with limited research funding. Mr. Siddiqee strongly believes and follows a proverb— ‘it is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness’.