Can I be a part BRF?

Anyone supporting the BRF’s mission (improving the quality of lives of local and global citizens) can contribute through BRF (as a collaborator, a researcher with a position, volunteer, internship, and patron). Therefore, any person with any background (non-science, business, retired, student) could be a subscribed member (by paying the annual fee as per membership policy: yearly 12000 BDT for Bangladeshi national and 24,000 BDT for expatriate/foreigners) of BRF to serve the community. All membership is subjected to approval by the Board of Directors of BRF.


How can I be a subscribed member of BRF?

Please contact: info@brfbd.org


How a subscribed member can be benefitted?

  1. Members will get an opportunity to become an active researcher (with a specific research position) and avail applicable logistic support as per BRF policy.
  2. A subscribed member will get an institutional email ID (Microsoft professional office service) as per request.
  3.  An active researcher (with a specific research position) will be able to use BRF affiliation in an appropriate way as guided by BRF’s policies.
  4. Member can entitle IRB support as per BRF policy.
  5.  Get information about BRF Projects & publications.
  6. All members will have the opportunity to attend events such as yearly retreat, scientific seminars organized by BRF.
  7. Get a special discount on BRF workshops and training programs.


How can I get a research position at BRF?

First, you have to be a subscribed member of BRF. After that, you can come up with your own research idea or can work as a research team member of any project (depends on availability). After a certain time (generally successful completion of any project), your performance will be evaluated for getting a research position. Alternatively, Executive Director and the Board of Directors of BRF can offer an honorary position (Scientist, Research Fellow) to a well-established researcher


If I become a member of BRF, will I get a research position automatically?

This is not an automatic process, you have to earn it. A position will be offered based on academic credentials, contributions to BRF’s research projects through publications. The Executive Director and Head of Research will assess who can be eligible to get a research position in BRF.


How to make a collaborative partnership with BRF?

As per BRF’s collaboration/partnership policy.

Please contact at info@brfbd.org


How to collaborate with a BRF researcher or project?  

BRF is a collaborative research platform and therefore it always promotes collaboration for generating good quality data to improve the quality of lives of local and global communities.

Please contact at info@brfbd.org


How can I be an Intern of BRF?

There are two available options

Option 1: As a volunteer, which will depend on the requirement of any ongoing project.

Option 2: You can be a Research Intern (RI) for 6 months or 12 months by successfully completing paid “Supervised Research Training Courses


How can I get IRB approval from BRF?

Only researchers affiliated with BRF or active collaborators are entitled to get Ethical permission (IRB) from BRF.


Is there any scholarship/research grant opportunity in BRF?

At the moment, we don’t have funds to give scholarships and any research grant. BRF aspires to provide research grants/scholarships in future.


How can I work as a volunteer of BRF (research projects, BRF Health Brief, community service)?   

Yes, you can.  This will depend as per the requirement of any BRF projects and therefore we recommend you to keep an eye on BRF Facebook page.  You can also drop your CV including a letter of interest/motivation for volunteerism. If a position is available we will contact you.

Please contact at info@brfbd.org