Our strength

Our strength  

BRF is successfully utilizing many underutilized resources to address public health problems in Bangladesh. A number of initiatives have been taken place so far. Some of which are outlined below.

‘Women in science’ initiative: Due to the inadequate support system, many highly educated women, particularly in cities have no choice;  rather become a stay-home mother for taking care of their child. BRF promotes and encourages these women to engage in public health research to serve the community.

Senior citizens:  Retired people are seen as ‘obsolete’ in the community. Without continuous productive contribution to the family and society, they are often feel demoralized or depressed.   Life-long experiences and good networks of senior citizens are usually underutilized. BRF has already engaged senior citizens in Jamalpur (where its community-based research centre located) for health awareness and support for thalassemia patients in the community.

Community leaders:  School- and college-teachers, and religious leaders of a community are powerful resources to spread health messages for prevention of diseases.  BRF has established networks with community leaders to address community-based public health issues.

Expatriate researchers: Most  Bangladeshi origin researchers residing in abroad feel urged to contribute to their motherland in someway. Because of complicated bureaucratic issues prevailing in a developing country, it is not always to get the opportunity to serve their home country from abroad. BRF is providing a collaborative research platform for any expatriate researcher who aspires the mission of BRF.