Key Research Projects


  • Healthcare seeking behaviours of COVID-19 patients and people at risk in Bangladesh

Neglected tropical diseases

  • Transmission, the clinical spectrum of dengue outbreak (2019) in Bangladesh
  • A longitudinal study of chronic arthralgia of chikungunya outbreak (2017) in Bangladesh


  • Piloting of Blood for Thalassemia (BFT)- A community-based unique blood donation approach by utilizing an underutilized resource to solve blood scarcity in Bangladesh.
  • College teacher-based thalassemia awareness and prevention: A community-based approach

Childhood obesity, physical activities

  • Piloting of SUNRISE (International surveillance study of 24-hour movement behaviours in the early years) study in Bangladesh
  • Correlates of childhood obesity in Bangladesh: A community-based cross-sectional study
  • Exploring the link between childhood obesity and the level of urbanization in Bangladesh
  • The pattern of urban greenspace in Bangladesh.