Enayetur Raheem, PhD

Dr. Raheem is a statistician with more than 15 years of experience in academia and industry combined. As a data scientist in clinical neurosciences, he works with clinicians and program directors and analyzes big data to discover the information hidden in the massive amount of unprocessed healthcare data. He is expert in building predictive models utilizing machine learning algorithms to evaluate scenarios and make predictions on future outcomes in order to solve highly complex business problems and to support decision making.  As a subject matter expert, he provides strategic thoughts for the development, validation and delivery of appropriate data collection, analytic strategies and reporting tools.

Dr. Raheem has a PhD in Statistics from University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He is actively involved in collaborative research and particularly enjoys working with students and young researchers and mentoring them. He has been serving the statistical and scientific community for over 10 years at various capacities that include serving as the editorial board member of scientific journals, reviewing articles for leading statistics journals, and serving on university-level curriculum committees, among others.

Dr. Raheem is highly tech savvy and a proponent of open source software. He primarily uses R statistical language for most of his analytic works. He is well versed in SAS and Python. As a nature enthusiast, particularly about birds, he enjoys photography and hiking accompanied by good friends. He currently works as a healthcare Data Scientist in the US.